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Kvassim cabbage without salt

10.02.2012 15:07
Kvassim cabbage without salt

Sauerkraut – favorite snack of most Slavs. There are a huge number of recipes and secrets of its preparation - each mistress has her own.

Fermentation of cabbage occurs due to the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria, a similar process is called lactofermentation. Sauerkraut is extremely beneficial for the human body: its many properties are necessary for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, for general cleansing of the body. The paradox lies in the fact that it is SAWED cabbage that is much more beneficial for the human body than fresh. The fermentation process enriches fresh cabbage with new useful substances, vitamins, and the ones you eat daily 300 grams of sauerkraut contain the necessary norm of vitamin C, which significantly improves human immunity.

Fermenting cabbage WITHOUT SALT, we significantly increase the benefits of this dish, because it has long been proven that salt does not participate in the fermentation process, and in this case serves only as a preservative. A lot of facts can be cited about the dangers of salt, but this is not our topic today..

So, we prepare incredibly healthy and delicious sauerkraut without salt!

Essential Products:

For brine 1,5II:

the white cabbage 1 head. (1,5kg)

water (perfectly melted)

For salad:

the white cabbage 2kg

carrots 500-800gr

bay leaves 5-8pcs.

black peppercorns 2hours.II

Method of Preparation:

First cook brine:

Chop the cabbage into strips and place in the fermentation tank, lightly crush to help juicing, pour clean water at room temperature (best thawed) so that the water only covers the cabbage and leave on 2-3 days warm (+25+27C).

Then you need to squeeze the cabbage well and discard (You have to throw it out only once, so do not regret it), strain the resulting acidic juice - the brine for saltless cabbage is ready.

Sauerkraut take a large (it has more sugar), dense - cut into strips, pour the grated carrot (quantity to taste), pepper and bay leaves - put in a container for pickling (glass, enameled dishes, wooden tubs). Fill with our brine, cover with a plate and put oppression on top (can a banal glass jar of water). Just do not crush the cabbage, but just lightly press down when laying to put it tightly - the cabbage will remain crispy.

Leave the cabbage warm (+23C +25C) for 2-3 days, every day we pierce with a wooden stick so that the gases come out. Then to the cold (+5C) without removing the press on 3 days - in the cold, the souring process stops, gases cease to be released. Cabbage as if insisted and prepared.

Before eating, we take out the pepper and bay leaves, add onions to taste, first-pressed vegetable oil, garlic, herbs and any other vegetables, mushrooms to taste.

After eating the cabbage, filter the remaining brine and ferment the new cabbage in it (now more, because the brine has become more) - it turns a constant juice cycle. And it does not peroxide at all, because new juice is always added. And besides, when using such a brine, fermentation occurs and cabbage cooks much faster.

Ready cabbage is stored no more than two weeks (tons.to. we did not use salt as a preservative), however, usually it ends much earlier and there are no problems with this...

Bon appetite!

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